Patagonia, Arizona

Patagonia, Arizona, in Santa Cruz county, is 48 miles S of Tucson, Arizona. The town is home to some 881 residents.

The People and Families of Patagonia

In Patagonia, about 55% of adults are married. People in Patagonia have space to make their own lives; many people there enjoy living in their own houses or apartments.

You’ll see many senior citizens in the town.

Wealth and Education

In 2000, Patagonia had a median family income of $31,000. Impressively, having a college education is normal in Patagonia. Home-based work is more common in the town than in most places.

Political Inclinations

George W. Bush was the top money-getter ($2000) among 2004 Presidential candidates in Patagonia. The Republican party stood out in its ability to raise compaign money in the town.

Patagonia Housing

According to the 2000 census, 68% of the housing in Patagonia was owner-occupied. It’s possible to find inexpensive apartments in the town.


In Patagonia, 81% of commuters drive to work. Unlike a lot of places, in Patagonia it is actually possible for many people to ride their bikes to work, or even walk.

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