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If you are interested in owning an affordable sports car then it is very likely that you will know about the MG Car Company. If you are interested enough want to own an MG then can help you to arrange the perfect car finance tailored to your circumstances.

Formed in the 1920′s by Cecil Kimber, the MG Car Company was, and still is, best known for the production of their open top sports cars.  However, MG wasn’t limited to just making sports cars as they also produced coupes and saloons. The name MG comes from the initials of Morris Garages who was the company that originally employed Cecil Kimber.

For 56 years after production was started, the first MG marque was used. It came back into use in 1982 when sportier models of the Montego, Metro and Maestro were developed. MG stopped trading in 1991 but it was only dormant for 12 months before making a comeback.

If you’re looking to buy a new or used MG you don’t need to worry about the choice of car finance available at any specific car dealership, as find the best car loan for you. simply pay the car dealership of your choice directly, leaving you free to buy the MG you want, where you want.

Once all of your MG car finance paperwork has been completed and the money has cleared with the dealership, you’ll be driving around in your chosen MG in no time.

If you want to take advantage of our friendly, fast and free service, simply Apply Now for the best MG car finance.

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      Thank you Thank you Thank you !!!  for making what I though was going to be a painful and dreadful process in to a smooth clean transaction. A very special thank you to Martin, who bent over backwards for me and made sure all my t's were crossed and i's dotted . Nothing can replace the smile on my baby girls face when mommy takes her to school in our new Maxima.
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